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Awesome Home Page
Layouts Library

Multiple Header Options

99+ Content Blocks
to Provide as Much Flexibility as Possible

Variable Grid Banners
Preset Grid Banners
Text Plus Image with Tabs
Horizontal Tabs
Text Plus Image with Tabs
Text Plus Background
Review Grid
Text Plus Background
Brands Slider
Newsletter Signup

Mobile Optimized Design

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Features Shopify App Cost Wokiee Shopify Theme
Revolution Slider $7/month FREE
Metafield Editor $14/month FREE
Megamenu $4/month FREE
Wishlist $9/month FREE
Compare $9/month FREE
Notifications $5/month FREE
Related Products $10/month FREE
Quick View $4/month FREE
Sales Popups $4/month FREE
Special Price Countdown $10/month FREE
Color, Size, Material Swatches $15/month FREE
Sticky "Add to Cart" bar $7/month FREE
Preorder $25/month FREE
Instagram Shop $15/month FREE
Lookbook $20/month FREE
Size Chart $7/month FREE
GDPR Compliance $7/month FREE
Catalog Mode $4/month FREE
$196/month or $2352/year

All E-commerce Features and Apps are Included


Our team created convenient functionality for managing menu according to your desire.

Flexible Banners Section

According to our experience, it is very important to have flexible settings for adjustment banner's section on the pages.

99+ Content Blocks

Great variety of available content blocks
for your specific needs and requirements.

Dynamic Filtering

Latest actual Shopify 2.0 improvement which allow
to make any filtering using basic product’s parameters.

Fast Product Configuration

All settings for each exact product and gathered
and can be managed fast and easy in one place.

Optimised for Dropshipping

Import Hundreds of Products to your store. Import dropship products from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace. After you find the product you want to import.

Ability to See Images Only of Selected Product Variant

Pleasant feature wich defintely enlarge conversion and differ your store from competitors.

Color, Size, Material Swatches

It is impossible to imagine current ecommerce store without color, size, material swatches feature.

AJAX Search

Yes, you are able to review product search results without reloading page. Make your search fast and sensitive.

AJAX Cart Page

You don’t need to reload page while switching or making any manipulations on the Cart Page.

Wishlist and Compare

Must have features for any webstore. They are also added as extra Shopify functionality in our theme.

Related Products

You can assign any collection to any product and enlarge sales conversion of your website.

Quick View

There is no need to reload page for viewing product details. You can save your time by clicking on "eye" and check the details.

Special Price Countdown

One more feature that will force your customer or client to make purchase right here and right now.

Sales Popups

Thematic Popup Banners: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Sale

Sticky "Add to Cart" Bar

It is placed on the bottom of the page. We can also name it as “sticky footer”. It helps to concetrate customer’s attention on right things.


Are there no available products in stock? This is not a problem. You can use our preorder feature.


Create your own sets of different products and offer them to your customers in one page in minimal style. Try it.

Size Chart

Usually such custom size guide table is necessary for the store owners who sell clothes. You can customize.

Instagram Shop

This is trend feature in any modern web stores which are integrated with most common social networks.

Catalog Mode

Sometimes customers don't want to have ecommerce functionality and require to have their inventory like online show-window.

Light Box Option for the Product Page

Sometimes there is not enough usual product view. We offer advanced product view using Light Box.

Supports 3D Model, AR and Video in Product Page

You can add Media such as 3D models, embedded videos, and YouTube videos to your theme's product pages.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Customers and clients usually don’t like to wait and want to have checkout process fast and easy. Lers save their time!


One more feature that creates rush illusion and stimulates customer to make required purchase.

Single Product Block on Home Page

Special attention for any product. You can highlight specified item according to your needs.

2 Types of Reviews Block

Reviews sections are very important to create positive presentation of your current business model.

YouTubeVideo Player

Sometimes there is not enough static image and you have extra option to present your product with video.

Video Block

You Can Have it on Different Popups, Product Page and Shopping Cart Page.

Infinite Scroll on Collection Page

Configure popup layout using twelve columns grid. Navigation menus, four types of promo boxes, product lists.

Custom Product Tabs

Our theme's functionality allows to organize different kind of tabs on the product page. You can have general tabs that.

Blogging in Styles

Give your blog an extra oomph! Wokiee comes with 5 beautiful blog layouts to help you make your content stand out.

Portfolio Functionality

Showcase your best work in a ready-to-go portfolio. It help you put your work in it’s best light.

Google Rich Snippet Tool. SEO Optimized. Checked by MOZ SEO Tool

Don't worry - your content will be indexed by Google in the best way.

Weglot App Compatible

Buy our Wokiee Shopify theme and get 20% discount for best multilanguage shopify app. Weglot helps you to grow your buisness.

Ali Reviews App Compatibility

This app is provided by our partner. We offer 10% discount coupon with Wokiee purchase.

General Data Protection Regulation

Protect your store from audits and even data breaches.

And Much More...

Automatic Image Resize

You will be able to adjust all images of your webstore to the same size automatically (for the images with the same aspect ratio).

Framework Bootstrap 4

We have used the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

Color Schemes

Our default color is blue. But it can be easily changed to some other. As you can see from our demo, we have different color schemes.


This feature is also presented in our Shopify theme. You can align content according to your specific localization.

Slider Revolution

Feel the power of the most popular web developer tool to create different slides. Tons of options, flexibility, amazing effects.


Our demo is presented in 6 different languages. Of course Shopify is Multilanguage software and you can have your own localization.


Mailchimp is our choice. It is easy in use and adjusting, checked by millions of the customers.

Many Custom Pages

About us, 404, contacts, blog, gallery, services, FAQ, coming soon and much more.

Real Websites

Documentation and Video Tutorials

We don't like to support customers (joke:), that is why we created detailed documentation for everybody to avoid delays in communication and providing help to our customers. We have separated Youtube channel with video tutorials.

Support System

All requests will be processed manually by our developer or our support staff during
24 hours (Monday - Friday, 10.00 - 20.00 GMT+2)
We will try to reply as fast as we can. Will be in touch.