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Building product collections - official documentation

Listing Page Section

Listing Page Section

Section options

Option Name Value
Design type Type 1. Text in the image / Type 2. Text under image
Title Title and small description
Default Grid Banners in row by default
Unique value in row Custom value for the row. Example: 2,3,4. Products in row
CUSTOM HTML Paste your html code in this field
Banners settings Configure your banners with section settings

Section items

Theme code

Create Description

  • Create new collection
  • Create your code or copy theme code and paste in Text Editor
Html Tags Value
Theme Code. Copy and edit
in the Text Editor:
GET HTML description
a href="Your Link" Paste your link with selected page
img src=" Paste your images.
div class="tt-title-small" Write Image Title
Page edit settings
  • In the field "Description" click button "Show Html" Page edit settings
  • Copy code from Text Editor and paste code in the field Description
  • Save page

Description in bottom of the page

  • Need to use command code for this action [bottom]
  • In the field "Description" click button "Show Html" Page edit settings
  • Example: Bottom description GET HTML bottom description
  • Save page

Create Linklist in sidebar on collection page

Online Store > Navigation > Create menu with collections:

Page edit settings

Online Store > Customize > Theme Settings > Collection Page > SIDEBAR COLLECTIONS TAB > Collections Link List.
Separate collection page with collections menu:

Page edit settings